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No Walls Church was birthed out of a burden to see people experience the love of Jesus Christ without limits.  Starting online during COVID-19, No Walls became a community that shared the Gospel beyond the four walls of the church. From house church to launching in Windermere High School to transitioning to West Orange Cinema back to house church; No Walls is committed to raising up disciples to make a difference.

For the next few months, we met at home to develop our intimacy with The Father. 2024 is our year of yada and we believe that more people will see the love of Jesus Christ without limits and a connect to our community that will love them, live Christ out loud, serve the area, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beginning May, we began meeting at Panther Lake Elementary School in Horizon West. Since then, we have launched our Middle School Group and have hosted a free retreat for our teens. As we continue to build, we need your help. We welcome those who are willing to serve this community because they have a desire to see lives changd more than they desire a platform.

As we serve, we do with a love for leading people to Jesus and to them the love of Jesus in an area that is growing greater than the number of churches that are here; an area where almost half of the people in this city do not know Jesus.

No Walls Church wants to make a change in that number because Christ is coming back.

This is the time to raise up disciples that will make a difference. Disciples that will go beyond the four walls so that people can experience the love of Jesus Christ without limits.
Will you help us? Will you come?

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